Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm not a dancer and feel kind of Zumba® for me?


This is one of the most common questions we hear on a daily basis and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! You don’t need to have ANY prior dance experience whatsoever to enjoy & reap the benefits of this fitness program. We all know the feeling of being brand new to class, having no idea what to expect and thinking “There’s no way I can get my body to do that!” But we guarantee that after a few classes, you will become more familiar with the songs & routines…it just takes repetition!


Here are a few tips that we always share with our students who are brand new to Zumba®:


  • Focus on getting the feet first. Once you get familiar with the footwork, you can begin to add in the arms later. It can be overwhelming to try and get both going at the same time.


  • Start out at "Level 1". We like to show various levels when we instruct. Level 1 demonstrates the basic movements, without the extra "flair" so-to-speak. This level focuses on the lower impact options for those who are new or who may have limited mobility (bad knees/back/hips). We encourage students to go at their own pace and listen to their bodies. You can still get a terrific workout at Level 1! "Level 2" adds intensity and more advanced/accentuated movements. We always stress to students that this is YOUR workout, so do whatever level (or combination of levels) that you want! In our classes you are never EVER judged or "graded", so just let loose and let the music take over.


  • If a song is too fast, if you dislike a move, or if your body just doesn't want to move the way you tell it to...feel free to insert your own freestyle fitness move or simply march in place. As long as you're moving, that's all that matters!


  • Some of the routines include a spin or a turn. If you are prone to dizziness, feel free to leave the turns out. Try tapping your foot or marching in place instead to keep the beat and pick back up once the turn segment is over.


  • If you ever have any questions about particular moves or modifications, please let us know! We're here for you and are ALWAYS happy to help!

2. How much do classes cost?


Your first class with QCSZ is free! We feel it's important for new students to be able to check out a class and see what they think before spending anything.


After that, the class rates are $5 for drop-ins or $4 with a QCSZ punch card.

A 5-class punch card is $20 and a 10-class punch card is $40.

Punch cards expire 3 months after purchase date and can be used for any class format; the only exception is that they cannot be used at any special events (Glow Parties, fundraisers, etc.)


  • Children 12 and younger are free. Minors 13 and up are subject to the standard pricing as outlined above ($5 per class, $4 with punch card).


  • No enrollment/monthly membership fees and we accept both cash or check payments*!


*Please note that a $12 processing fee will be issued for any check that is returned or marked as stop payment. If your check is returned for any reason, we will mail you a form containing the check information and amount due (including the processing fee). You may then either make a cash payment before/after class or mail a money order to the mailing address provided on the form.

3. What should I wear?


Any fitness clothing that you would typically wear to an aerobics class is appropriate. We strongly recommend a pair of comfortable athletic/cross-training shoes that provide lateral support without heavy tread or thick sole. We do a lot of pivoting/quick directional changes and shoes with a lot of tread can make it difficult to turn smoothly, which can cause undue stress on the knees.



4. What should I bring with me to class?


  • Water and a towel are the basic items needed for a Zumba® class (be prepared to sweat)!


  • (optional) Yoga mat for floor/ab work after each class


During inclement weather, we strongly encourage you to bring your dry workout shoes along in a separate bag and change into them right before class.


For the safety of all participants, wet or dirty shoes will NOT be allowed onto the studio floor. (There will be space for you to leave your wet shoes in the entryway during class).

5. May I videotape or digitally record a class so I can practice routines at home?


In order to respect the privacy of our students, we do not allow any type of recording to be made during class. IF there is a special request of some kind, we (the instructors) must be notified and expressed permission must be given ahead of time. In these instances, we will give all students advanced notification of the date/time of the scheduled recording or photographs.

6. Are classes open to men?


Yes!! Although our classes tend to be comprised of women, men are definitely welcome and encouraged to attend!



7. Can I bring my children?


We do allow children to attend class, as we recognize & promote the importance of physical activity as a part of a healthy lifestyle and feel it's important for children to share this journey with their family!


However, for the benefit of all of our students, we do have a specific policy regarding children in class. We are not licensed, insured or staffed for the supervision of children and will not allow a parent or guardian to leave a child or children unattended.


-Please see our full policy on children in class-

8. How many students need to be present in order to hold a class?


Four (4) students are needed in order to class to be held. Classes with 4 or less students will be cancelled (at the discretion of the instructor on duty).



QCSZ Class Cancellation Policy:

Due to illness, inclement weather and unexpected events, cancellations will sometimes occur with little notice. We will do everything we can to issue a prompt notification via Facebook & email, but we urge students to get in the habit of checking our website for up-to-date information regarding classes. Students can also call/text 563-265-2933 or email us at at any time with questions!

  • FREE TRIAL CLASS for all students who are brand new to QCSZ Zumba® classes! Enjoy your 1st class on us as our way of saying 'thank you' for coming out to give us a try! *NOTE: These free trial classes do not apply to special events.



         DROP-INS= $5

         5-Class Punch Cards=$20

        10-Class Punch Cards=$40

Any Questions?

Contact us!


QCSZ Phone#: 563-265-2933


*If you'd like to be added to our text alert list, just text your first & last name to the # above!



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